Publishers’ Note

Welcome Home

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Welcome to your new home in Jacksonville, we hope you’re settling in and getting acquainted with neighbors, coworkers and our city as a whole. As a part of that process, we publish an annual neighbors and newcomers guide, titled Historic Life, to provide a wealth of information for new residents and visitors alike.

Our goal was to create a resource that helps individuals and families explore the time-honored, historic neighborhoods of Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, Murray Hill, San Marco, St. Nicholas and San Jose.

Whether you’ve already settled, you’re still looking to find a permanent home, or simply visiting our city with an eye to settling here in the future, this guide has the ability to acquaint you with all that Jacksonville and its historic districts have to offer.

Through our informative community newspapers, The Resident, you will continue to learn about news, information and stories that tell of our unique communities and their local residents. If you have not yet settled, live at a distance, and seek a local connection, we invite you to visit and read both editions of our virtual issue every month.

Our papers are unique, as they are niche-focused, hyper-local, and mailed directly to 25,000 residences, with over 5,000 copies distributed to local businesses and other points of interest.

As we complete our 10th year in business, we continue to keep locals informed on the topics that affect their neighborhood, their investments and their best interests. We are also continually humbled by the opportunity to share the ‘good news’ with readers.

In closing, we hope you will soon discover you live in a special place embodying small-town charm, unique architecture and the allure of the St. Johns River – a place where historic preservation is balanced with the growth of modern demands. It is our hope this guide will help you find enlarged possibilities and make the transition into our neighborhoods easy and enjoyable.

Seth and Pamela Williams




2015-2016 Neighbors and Newcomers Guide