Retail rumblings

New activity abounds on the local restaurant, bar and retail scene. The Resident has been sniffing out some of these mouthwatering, yet unconfirmed projects. If you know of something that’s in the works or on the drawing board, let us know! Send your whispers to [email protected]

In 5 Points there is talk of turning the old Caribbean Connection space into a wine bar. We’ll toast that! To further sweeten the news, a cupcake shop is considering space in the old Broadway Cafe storefront Could Le Chat Noir Cupcake Bordello and Bakery be considering the site? Local baker, Patti Kirkey. staged a Kickstart fundraiser this spring to generate funds for a new business storefront. Kickstart is a funding initiative that allows everyday folks invest in a local business startup. For updates on the project, visit

Also, we smell roasted beans — could the former Nest Living space accommodate a new coffee shop?

No rumor here: Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches has opened a new restaurant just two blocks north of 5 Points at 630 Park Street. It’s the second in the vicinity for the sandwich store chain, which has been operating a successful store on Hendricks Avenue in San Marco.

Miss your pizza? So do we! Here’s the skinny on Pizza Palace’s recent closure of its 5 Points location:

The Pizza Palace on Margaret Street quickly and quietly in May following news that a national retailer would be taking over the space.

Pizza Palace owner Elias Demetree said he is grateful to the Riverside/Avondale area for supporting his store over the years and is “actively looking” for another neighborhood site.

“This happened so quickly — hopefully something will come up in the future,” said Demetree, a San Jose resident who bought his first Pizza Palace more than 19 years ago in Riverside on King Street. “We’ll let the dust settle and keep looking — we really love the area, it has been so good to us.”

Citing confidentiality issues, Demetree did not disclose which tenant would be occupying the popular site on Margaret Street near the 5 Points roundabout.

While there has been local buzz that 7-Eleven was interested in the space, officials with the national convenience store chain said no firm plans are in place.

“We are looking in that area but have no deals or contracts yet,” said 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris.



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