2012 Primary election draws small crowd, big results

The Duval County Supervisor of Elections office reported low turnout for the primary election Aug. 14, but winners emerged. Now politicos across the neighborhood are gearing up for the Nov. 6 general election. For voting information and polling locations, visit www.duvalelections.com. The results of the primary elections are:

United States Senator:
Connie Mack, REP, 63.1 percent

Representative in Congress
District 4:
Ander Crenshaw, REP, 71.07 percent

Public Defender, Fourth Judicial Circuit: Matthew A. Shirk, REP,
63.7 percent

State Senator District 4:
Aaron Bean, 58.02 percent

State Representative District 11:
Janet Adkins, REP

State Committeeman:
Rick Hartley, REP, 79.19 percent

United States Senator:
Bill Nelson, DEM, 78.72 percent

Clerk of the Circuit Court:
Brenda Priestly Jackson, DEM,
59.9 percent
Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit Group One:
Brian J. Davis, NPA, 51.98 percent

Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Group 29:
Mark Borello,  NPA, 61.78 percent

Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Group 34:
Suzanne Bass, NPA, 58.91 percent

County Court Judge, Group 12, RUNOFF:
Michelle Kalil, NPA, 40.80 percent
Rhonda Peoples-Waters, NPA, 31.45 percent

School Board District 1:
Cheryl Grimes, NPA, 55.68 percent

School Board District 3, RUNOFF:
Suzanne Jenkins, NPA, 36.67 percent
Ashley Smith Juarez, NPA, 33.87

School Board District 5:
Constance “Connie” Sands Hall, NPA, 60.26 percent

School Board District 7:
Jason Fischer, NPA, 27.6 percent
Jon Heymann, NPA, 24.58 percent
Source: Duval County Elections Office

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