Residents prepare for a mandatory back-to-school assignment

Procrastination is a term many kids are familiar with when it comes to school, but there is one subject students should not put off.
As children and families across Florida begin another school year, it is vital that all students have their required immunizations. Immunization documentation on a DOH Form 680, Certification of Immunization, is required for all students in grades pre-Kindergarten (K) through grade 12.
The Florida Department of Health emphasizes the importance of parents scheduling an appointment with a healthcare provider or the Duval County Health Department today, instead of waiting until the last minute to schedule their children’s back-to-school
“There is no time like the present to update children’s immunizations and provide them with the required documentation to attend school,” said Section Administrator of Immunizations Charles Alexander.

Accordingly, the Bureau of Immunization launched their new website to bring together the best resources on vaccines and provide consumers with easy-to-understand vaccination information.

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