Overland Bridge work set to begin in January

By Susanna P. Barton
Resident Community News

Officials with the Florida Department of Transportation confirmed that construction on the I-95 Overland Bridge project will commence in January — beginning what could be more than two years of roadway work along the Fuller Warren Bridge in San Marco and St. Nicholas.
Archer Western Contractors, the firm that completed the Interstate 10 and 95 project for the FDOT, will oversee the $384 million Overland Bridge work.
FDOT officials said the agency would host a series of public meetings about the work and its impact on local traffic. FDOT Spokesman Mike Goldman said recently the first public meeting would be in November or December and that mailers would go out prior to the meeting.
District 5 City Councilwoman Lori Boyer told a group of citizens that there was a chance the FDOT would start in November, but she and others preferred the work begin after the holidays to ensure uninhibited customer access for local merchants during their busiest season. Goldman, however, confirmed with an FDOT project engineer that construction “with dirt turned” is still slated for January.
Boyer said the roadwork’s biggest impact on the community would be in the Atlantic Boulevard area near I-95.
“There will be a new entrance and exit to I-95; there will be direct access,” she said.
The Overland Bridge spans Hendricks Avenue, Kings Avenue and Montana Avenue and is being replaced because it is deteriorating and needs frequent repairs, according to the project’s website at www.i95overlandbridge.com. Several weeks ago the bridge caused significant traffic delays because of a hole that presented in the road. The reconstruction, Goldman said, would remedy such issues.

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