Dames’ museum receives high state designation

Former Dames presidents Jane Still, Norma Lockwood, Susan Caven, Marcy Moody, Linda Moseley, Jerry Chappell and Margaret FoersterLocal ladies from the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Florida were on-hand in St. Augustine last month to celebrate a special award from the Florida State Bureau of Historic Preservation.
The Colonial Dames own and maintain the historic Ximenez-Fatio House Museum on Aviles Street in St. Augustine’s city center. The museum, which receives visitors from many neighborhood schools and youth organizations throughout the year, received a Florida Heritage Marker from the state’s preservation bureau. The distinction gives the museum prominence as a national landmark, according to event organizers.
Ortega resident and museum properties committee chair Ellie Slade helped lead the special award presentation in early September. Other organizers included Julie Gatlin, executive director of the museum, and Maggie Ouelette, chairman of the St. Augustine committee sponsoring the museum. Current Florida President Susan Caven and group state past-president Marcy Moody performed the honors of marking the museum’s new status.
The event closed with a private celebration in the museum’s courtyard. The festivities served a dual purpose — guest and longtime dame Betty Skinner celebrated her 90th birthday during the gathering.

Edna Dickinson, Bob Harper, Norma Lockwood, Catherine Davis, Linda Moseley, Barry Myers

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