Public works fixes Avondale drainage trouble spot

Drainage at the intersection of Edgewood Avenue South and Park Street has been problematic during the recent deluge of rain.
But the city’s public works department corrected the issue last month.
According to a late November email from the city Engineering and Construction Management Chief William Joyce to District 14 City Councilman Jim Love, crews identified a cave-in and bricked-up pipe within the drainage system supporting the Edgewood/Park intersection. Both situations, he said, have been corrected. The crew discovered someone had bricked up the main 18-inch line toward Boone Park, which reduced the inlet size to about a fourth of capacity. The brick was removed. Crews also removed debris from the bridge near Boone Park, which also is expected to have a positive impact on drainage.
He asked Love to encourage residents to enter any future flooding problems into the city’s CARE System.

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