Waffle House to re-open on Roosevelt

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

A spokesperson from Waffle House, Inc., the Norcross, GA-based company, confirmed that a new Waffle House restaurant will open at the 4271 Roosevelt Boulevard site early next year. Formerly operated under franchisee Northlake Foods, which went into bankruptcy in 2008, this and other Florida Waffle House restaurants were taken over by the corporation in 2009 to be run under its wholly-owned subsidiary, East Coast Waffles, which has more than 100 outlets.
According to Pat Warner, Waffle House is committed to the Jacksonville market. “The reclaimed restaurants are running well. We’re excited about reinvesting in Jacksonville and recently opened a new restaurant near the airport,” he said.
The Roosevelt Blvd. restaurant is not situated within the Riverside/Avondale historic district and therefore not restricted by codes under the Historic Preservation Commission, enabling Waffle House to purchase an adjoining property and raze the house to provide for more parking.
Waffle House is a privately held restaurant chain with 1,600-plus locations primarily in the southeast United States.

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