Bridging holiday traffic

While San Marco Boulevard traffic is much smoother now during the holidays with construction crews opening both lanes in and out of the square, potential neighborhood traffic concerns are ahead as the Overland Bridge construction is expected to begin in early 2013.

The state Department of Transportation released details of the various phases of the project last month during a community meeting at its Riverside headquarters.

Construction milestones for early 2013 to late 2013 include the following in phase 1, according to a document from the FDOT.

· Remove median barrier wall from the Fuller Warren Bridge south in order to place temporary barrier wall for shifting traffic in preparation for widening

· Begin widening the southern approaches of the Fuller Warren Bridge and the elevated roadway known as the Overland Bridge (overpass of Hendricks, Kings and Montana avenues)

· Begin widening I-95 south of Philips Highway

· Begin construction of the northbound parallel service road

· Begin reconstruction of the southbound parallel service road south of the Overland Bridge

· Begin reconstruction of the I-95 overpass over the FEC railroad near Baptist Medical Center

· Begin construction of entrance ramp from westbound Atlantic Boulevard to the northbound parallel service road

· Begin construction of exit ramp from northbound I-95 to Atlantic Boulevard

· Begin construction of exit ramp from the southbound Acosta Bridge Expressway to Gary Street

· Begin construction of ramp from southbound I-95 to the southbound parallel service road

· Complete the construction of the outside eastbound lane on Atlantic Boulevard at I-95

· Construct noise wall along I-95 northbound on the north end of the existing wall

· Begin construction of drainage ponds near Naldo Avenue and Alamo Street

According to FDOT, all I-95 traffic will be shifted to the outside lanes from the Fuller Warren Bridge to Atlantic Boulevard to north of Emerson Street. The southbound parallel service road traffic will be shifted to the inside lanes.

The Overland Bridge project, which has a contract amount of $157.8 million, begins 2,300 feet south of San Diego Road and ends at the St. Johns River. FDOT Spokesman Michael Goldman said work would begin in January on the 1,255-day project. The scope of work includes: the replacement of the Interstate 95 Overland bridge; reconstruction of I-95; reconfiguration of the interchange at Atlantic Boulevard and Philips Highway; construction of a new parallel service road for northbound traffic; reconstruction of a new parallel service road for southbound traffic; a widening of the Fuller Warren bridge at the southbound portion adjacent to the Southbank (not over the river); and the widening of San Diego Road bridges.

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