Sandwiches for Sulzbacher

Service-minded RPDS students help make 500 sandwiches for homeless at the Sulzbacher Center.)

Forty-six 6th graders from three homeroom classes at Riverside Presbyterian Day School got together on the last day of school before the holiday break to assemble 500 ham sandwiches. Clad in sanitary gloves, the boys and girls handled 1000 slices of bread and ham, 500 slices of cheese, and 250 oranges and granola bars to create 250 lunch bags for distribution to the homeless at the Sulzbacher Center.

The activity was one of many service projects undertaken by students at the school through the year to nurture a sense of responsible citizenship. Charlotte Reeder said, “We love to help people in the community. If you do something nice for someone, they will do something nice back.” Classmate Colton Champion echoed her thoughts, “What goes around, comes around. It doesn’t matter if you can’t meet the people you help, it still helps the community.”

San Marco resident Suzanne Enoch and mother of 6th grader Davis observed, “It’s really awesome to harness all this power and excitement!” She helped collect the food needed and gave a shout-out to Restaurant Depot, which donated a $40 case of ham for the sandwiches.

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