A good deed for dogs

Abby Beaver of San Marco made a flyer to raise money for The Humane Society: “I am 9 years old. I am trying to help save dogs lives. I have loved animals ever since I was born. I need help raising some money. It is my dream. You can help by donating any amount of money to help make my dream come true. Thanks!”
Abby’s mother Amy said that her daughter feels like “dogs don’t have a voice, so we need to speak for them.” She wants to protect dogs and save those abused and abandoned. Abby told her parents from the time she was three years old that she wants to be a vet. Her parents have agreed to match her donations with all money going to The Jacksonville Humane Society.
If you are inclined to help, mail your donations to Abby Beaver, 919 Greenridge Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Please make checks out to The Jacksonville Humane Society.

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