Marsha Leibo Pollock & Deborah Mizrahi Katz

Marsha  Leibo Pollock  & Deborah Mizrahi Katz

Part 1 – The Elementary School Years By Laura Jane Pittman Resident Community News There is nothing sweeter than childhood friendships. Marsha Leibo Pollock and Deborah Mizrahi Katz go way, way back – all the way back to grade school. They were both born and raised here, and they have stayed close. Katz recently retired […]

Mac McGehee

By Julie Kerns Garmendia Resident Community News Mac McGehee and his wife Terri actively support and volunteer for several community organizations, including Project SOS, Inc. which they first started helping in the late 1990s. Mac, a strong believer in the mission of the organization and its founder, Pam Mullarkey, said the concept of reaching youth […]

Buying or selling, the real estate market is back on track

Low interest rates for buyers, low inventory for sellers make for a balanced market By Steve DiMattia Resident Community News After years of languishing in the basement, San Marco’s real estate market has moved back upstairs and flung open the doors and windows to welcome in the sunshine of recovery. The best news is that, […]

Julia Isaac Lapinski

Julia Isaac Lapinski

By Victoria Register-Freeman Resident Community News “On some days I bet my mother drank 20 cups of coffee because she had a cup with everyone who dropped by,” says a smiling Julia Isaac Lapinski as she remembers her extended family childhood on Dellwood Avenue in Riverside. “Aunts, uncles, neighbors all dropped by on a regular […]

Courthouse doors challenging for disabled

By Caren Burmeister Resident Community News The Duval County Courthouse’s tall, heavy doors can be challenging to open, even for an abled-bodied person. But for someone who uses a wheelchair or walker, it can seem insurmountable. “Due to their [the doors] size and weight, they’re very difficult to open,” said Sharon Hoffmeyer, a member of […]

Tony Nasrallah

Tony Nasrallah

By Julie Kerns Garmendia Resident Community News Tony Nasrallah, founder and president of Murray Hill Concert Theatre & Café, a music and arts venue and 501(c)3 charity, was intrigued when he first heard about Project SOS, Inc. Like his theatre, Project SOS is also a charity aimed to positively impact youth; it strives to strengthen […]

Setting up the Kids Spring Garden

Vermi-composting By Victoria Register-Freeman Resident Community News My three-year-old grandson is already a gardener. He knows that plants need water when their leaves curl and that carrots should not be pulled up hourly to monitor their growth. He knows the tiny red tomatoes he loves to pop into his mouth come from Publishers Clearing House. […]

March officially proclaimed St. Johns River Month by Mayor Brown

Protecting the river begins at home It’s officially St. Johns River Month, as proclaimed by Mayor Alvin Brown and the 18th annual St. Johns River Cleanup & Celebration on Saturday, Mar. 16, is Jacksonville’s kick-off event for the Florida Great American Cleanup. Even if you’re not a swimmer, boater or otherwise lover of our waterways, […]

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