Riverside Avenue water project flowing smoothly

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

Despite the nearly non-existent turnout by area residents at the JEA’s Feb. 28 informational town meeting, construction began on Mar. 13 at Barrs Street and Riverside Avenue. Due to the low attendance, where project officials outnumbered residents two to one, the JEA sent out a second mailing the week before construction began in a continuing effort to keep the community informed.

Once the portion up through Peninsular Place is completed, the contractor will drop back to Avondale Avenue and work towards St. Vincent’s Hospital (Kings Street).
According to Gregory Corcoran, JEA Project Outreach Coordinator, “The contractor is currently on schedule and everything is going very well. The contractor is trying to get most of the night work completed first. We hope to be finished with the evening work in the next 30 days.”

The JEA has kept the work area to a minimum to reduce impact to the area, especially near the busy intersections near King Street and Riverside Avenue. “We want to make sure we keep traffic congestion around St. Vincent’s hospital to a minimum and avoid having two detours on one road,” Corcoran explained. “In our experience, commuters become very frustrated with multiple detours in close proximity.”

Once the project moves down the Riverside Avenue towards I-95 (working during the day), residents will see multiple crews working to expedite the work. One crew will complete the prep/rehab work while the other installs the new pipe.

“Each block will be different as each has its own challenges from a utility, traffic and customer impact standpoint. We want to make sure we lessen the impact to area residents and businesses as much as possible,” said Corcoran. “It is a delicate balancing act.”

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