Boyer agrees to Mobility Plan compromise

Aggreement reached despite personal opposition

On a side note, the construction-related legislation known as the Mobility Plan was modified by City Council approval early in April. After critics in the construction industry and plan supporters in the community went head-to-head before a joint committee in late March defeating Councilman Richard Clark’s proposed three-year waiver, councilman-at-large John Crescimbeni stepped to develop a compromise.
The result of the compromise is a new waiver of the mobility fee. After a three-month ramp-up period when the new waiver would not be in effect, the city will then waive fees on development projects in three stages over 18 months: a 75% waiver for the first six months, a 50% waiver the following six months and a 25% waiver the last six months.
District 5 Councilwoman Lori Boyer posted, “I do not believe that even a partial mobility waiver is necessary or desirable, however I voted for the ultimate compromise bill because both proponents and opponents of the original bill testified that they were in support of the compromise and asked us to support it.”

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