Dog playground ribbon cutting at city animal shelter

ACPS_01Through a generous anonymous $10,000 donation to Friends of Jacksonville Animals, homeless dogs will now enjoy a new outdoor play area at the City of Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) shelter on Forest Ave.  The outdoor play area will be used by ACPS staff and volunteers to exercise and enrich the lives of dogs as they await adoption or foster care. The new, fenced area includes three separate outdoor spaces located on the west side of the ACPS facility.
Jill Mero, of Watson Realty’s San Marco office, is a volunteer with Friends of Jacksonville Animals. “The shelter dogs are housed in kennels, and only let out once a day for approximately 10 minutes. These fenced in areas will give them a much needed time out to interact with other dogs, and to help socialize them,” said Mero. “It’s a lonely place living in a kennel waiting for your forever home. At Friends of Jacksonville Animals we volunteer our time working hard to make the lives of shelter animals as comfortable as possible while waiting for their new owners. These outdoor play areas are just one way we hope to do just that.”

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