Children’s author visits Ortega Methodist Playschool

Ingram_01“Chimpanzees are my favorite wild thing,” said Doreen Ingram, children’s author and foster parent for the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida. “I wanted to make a difference and thought ‘If I wrote a children’s book, could it change their hearts and teach them about wild things?’”

The Jane Goodall Institute-endorsed author visited the Ortega United Methodist Playschool on Apr. 25 to read from one of her three nonfiction children’s books. Ingram’s books are written in the voice of the wild animals and endearingly illustrated. “My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home” and “The Mission” are about the great apes; “Keepers of the Wild” focuses on the big cats. All profits from sales of the books go to the wildlife sanctuaries.

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