Intolerant neighbors put an end to fundraising events at local brewery

Intuition Aleworks fined for noise violations

According to a press release from the Intuition Aleworks, a residential neighbor filed complaints about the noise coming from fundraising events in the craft brewery’s open-air space at 720 King Street.

Cari Sanchez-Potter stated in the release, “It is with heavy heart that we announce that we are no longer able to host events of any size in our open-air brewery space. After recently receiving a substantial fine for a noise violation and dealing with the stress of frequent visits by JSO, code enforcement and the Environmental Quality Division, all due to complaints made by our residential neighbor, we have made the extremely painful decision to permanently close the brewery area.”

Since opening in November 2010, the space has been used for community events to celebrate Oktoberfest, the brewery’s anniversary, St. Patrick’s Day, the release of Underdark and many, many other festivities.

“But perhaps the most heartbreaking outcome will be that we will no longer be able to host charitable events at Intuition. Over the past two and a half years, we have donated over $60,000 in beer and merchandise to nearly 100 local charities,” the release stated. “Through our $1 per pint program, we have donated $20,000 in cash from beer sold during events. On top of all that, we always allow the host charity to use our space free of charge, a substantial in-kind donation.”

The brewery said that it made every attempt to rectify the zoning, parking and noise situations, but the obstacles to operating a unique, mixed-use business in an historic district proved insurmountable. It was noted that District 9 Councilman Warren Jones understands the challenges and supports Intuition Aleworks in moving to a new location where it will be able to operate business to its fullest potential, which includes being able to open its space as a venue for community and charitable events.

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