Sweet reality show set in historic Springfield

SweetPete_Family02Jacksonville, more specifically, historic Springfield, has a new celebrity in town. From Peter and Allison Behringer, the folks who brought you sea salt caramels and other delectable organic candies, comes a new reality show, Sweet Pete’s The Show.

According to Behringer’s publicist Chris Sams, Sweet Pete’s The Show is visually stunning programming with a full dose of drama and excitement, often featuring family-friendly messages. “It’s candy insanity rolled into a reality series about Jacksonville’s very own confectionary genius whose all-natural sweets are handmade in a magical setting surrounded by his sometimes unpredictable, yet good-natured partners, staff and customers,” said Sams.

The Resident reached out to Allison Behringer for insights on the experience.

Q. Were you surprised by the turnout at the premiere?
A. We knew that the premiere was booked and we had to turn people away that called the Shoppe and wanted tickets. Daniell (10) was excited about all of the hoopla although he is still playing it cool.

Q. Having film crews around while trying to take care of business must have been a challenge. Were there times you felt like dunking someone’s head into a vat of chocolate? How did you cope with constantly being “on”?
A.  The show is unscripted so we just do what we do and the cameras capture the fun.  The hardest part is that candy is very time sensitive so if the cameras miss a great shot it is hard to replicate. Pete struggled at times with trying to make sure the candy came off of the stove, hook etc. at a time the cameras were ready. In terms of being on, we tried to forget the cameras were there. We want the show to be real. The realness of small business in any industry is that people are not always on, there are highs and lows. Luckily, everything ends sweetly with candy!

Q. Are you hoping this takes off for national syndication? If so, what kind of film schedule would be required to fill a season’s worth of shows?
A. We are hoping the show is picked up nationally. Our Executive Producer, Michelle Bazhaw, is working toward that goal. In terms of scheduling we are in a very predictable business. We know each year which days are our busiest. We also do many events that bring in large crowds. We will schedule filming around these busy days/weeks.

Q. Finally, has the show created a spike in business?
A. Absolutely, we are having a great time meeting new customers who found out about Sweet Pete’s because of the show. We have also booked more parties and field trips. Kids are excited to see us on television and then come in and have a party.

For a glimpse into the crazy, madcap business of making candy, take in the program, which airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on CW 17.

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