Water main improvement project going as planned

It’s good news for Riverside and Avondale businesses and residents. The water main improvement project that’s been underway since March is going very well. The JEA expects to be completed with the pipe work and paving by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) by November.

According to Gregory Corcoran, Coordinator with JEA Project Outreach, “The project continues to progress nicely, even with the off and on rain we have been experiencing over the past month. The contractor has finished almost all the pipe work and connections along Riverside Avenue. The contractor is currently working on installing the water main on King Street near the St. Vincent’s hospital.”

The first phase of the FDOT paving project on Riverside Avenue (from Peninsular Road to King Street) was planned for Jul. 29 through Aug. 16, except for the block between Stockton Street and Osceola Street. That particular segment is dependent on a possible FDOT drainage design and construction project at that intersection. “We anticipate that portion may be paved in October or November 2013. This will be managed by the FDOT and completely separate from this project,” said Corcoran.

The contractor moved a crew to St. Johns Avenue (from Avondale Town Center to King Street) to install water services under the road in preparation for the pipe bursting work which was scheduled to start on Jul. 22. This second phase of the project is mostly residential in contrast to the first phase on Riverside Avenue.  Most of this work will continue to occur during the day. The contractor will be required to block some parking spaces along St. Johns Avenue while installing the water main. These areas will be blocked with barricades 24 to 48 hours prior to the work in the area, according to Corcoran.

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