JCCI leaving Atlantic Boulevard for new location after 15 years

New space at WJCT centrally located for its purpose

Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) will be moving its headquarters to WJCT Studios at 100 Festival Park Avenue by December. Space at its 2434 Atlantic Blvd. location, where the council has been for the past 15 years, is inadequate for the increasing number of large community meetings the organization has begun holding, most recently for JAX2025.

The council currently has eight full-time employees and two interns, all of whom are involved with such events. Dr. Laura Lane, JCCI vice president, recently hosted a small gathering – perhaps 35 to 40 people – at WJCT Studies for the first of six Distinctive Neighborhoods Focus Task Force meetings. She is enthusiastic about the impending move.

“JCCI’s partnership with WJCT is a really great example of moving citizen engagement into the 21st century. The projects and programs that are possible will expand JCCI’s reach, and as a result, thousands more Northeast Florida residents will get involved in decisions about investments and local policy. And JCCI’s local research and consensus-building will push WJCT to use its tools for better education and communication that is focused on specific positive changes for Jacksonville.

“It’s where a lot of communities would like to be: developing new ways for residents to get engaged in local public policy and governance, through new media, social media, and new

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