Church art ministry presents juried exhibit

Church art ministry presents juried exhibit

Jacksonville Artist Guild at Hendricks Avenue Baptist

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

Continuing the Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church tradition of building community partnerships, its Art Ministry team has joined forces with the Jacksonville Artist Guild to present a juried exhibition in the Transitional Gallery.

brush stroke call out boxThe public is cordially invited to the opening of the art exhibit Reimaging the Word: Manifestations of “the Word made Flesh” through Time and Space on Wednesday, Oct. 16, with a reception in the sanctuary narthex, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

And the awards go to…Beth Haizlip (Honorable Mention, Secret Messages from the Sea); Beth Robison (Honorable Mention, Color Splashed Marsh); John Bunker (Best in Show, Diverse); Jim Pearce (Honorable Mention, Generations)

And the awards go to…Beth Haizlip (Honorable Mention, Secret Messages from the Sea); Beth Robison (Honorable Mention, Color Splashed Marsh); John Bunker (Best in Show, Diverse); Jim Pearce (Honorable Mention, Generations)

Since its formation in 2009, the Jacksonville Artist Guild (JAG) has brought together artists, community volunteers, gallery owners and art enthusiasts to promote awareness of the wealth of artistic talent in the city. JAG’s community-based art festivals, charity auctions, gallery tours and annual juried exhibitions have provided both a venue for working artists and educational programming for public. Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church is delighted to collaborate with this non-profit organization, which includes some of Jacksonville’s most accomplished artists.

“The ongoing Art Ministry program offered by our church has been an active venue for the visual arts since 2010,” said Nancy Felton, Art Ministry Chair. “We offer rotating exhibitions in our Transitional Gallery throughout the year.”

The  Art Ministry team began discussions with JAG this past spring to develop a theme in keeping with the liturgical calendar, yet sufficiently open-ended to invite a range of artistic expression. Reimaging the Word challenges the artist and the viewer to consider how the life of Jesus, “the Word made Flesh,” might be manifesting itself today.

For this juried exhibit, Guild members were invited to submit up to three digital images of their art accompanied by an artist’s statement, relating the exhibit theme to their art. Last month guest juror and watercolorist Robert Leedy conducted a blind-select of 28 works of art which most successfully convey thematic concept and visual imagery.

According to Ortega artist John Bunker, whose piece was awarded Best of Show, the show’s theme fit right in line with his work. “I love the concept of this because it not just covers the Christian religion, it can relate to any number of spiritual movements,” he said. “I’m very intrigued by many religions and how they interrelate to each other and basically realized that my art over these 45 years deals with our freedom and the glory of God, not necessarily just in the Christian religion but in any religion.”

The art on display from 22 local artists provides an exceptional opportunity for original Christmas gifts. Each piece is available for purchase and is described in a brochure (including pricing and artist contact information) placed on the consoles in the Transitional Gallery, open Wednesday, 5-7 p.m., (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays); Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to noon; and by appointment by calling the church office, (904) 396-7745, ext. 333.

“Our Art Ministry is a community resource and we welcome everyone to participate,” Felton said.
Jim Pearce, a watercolor artist from San Marco, said of his painting of a red cedar that is hundreds of years old, “This great old tree is a symbol and example of the enduring strength of The Word and God’s love of us through His marvelous gifts of nature.”

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