St. Mark’s completes new raised-bed gardens

A new school garden will enhance several aspects of the mission of St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School by providing a hands-on opportunity for cross curricular academic study, a place of cooperation and sharing between grade levels, and a way to serve others.

The Walton Garden, named in memory and honor of Elizabeth S. Walton and William H. Walton, Jr., parents of Raymur Rachels ’79, and grandparents of current students Alston, Lucy, Ford and William, was made possible by funds donated by Karen and Ned Becker.
The goals of the garden program are to educate children to make healthy choices about their food, to make sustainable and pesticide-free choices for the environment, and to serve others.
The campus will become a classroom without walls, providing opportunities for the exploration of plant life cycles and a place to apply and practice horticultural science. This living classroom will involve all grade levels collaborating with St. Mark’s volunteers, teachers, and various community partners.
For example, the 6th grade class will collaborate with the children of the North Florida School for Special Education who will provide “veggie starts” for a portion of the garden. The 6th grade and NFSSE will work together as part of their partnership, in planting and caring for the St. Mark’s Garden, sharing information about healthy eating practices.

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