Riverside road opening in sight at Willowbranch

Riverside road opening in sight at Willowbranch

riverside road mainLast month marked one year that the bridge repair project was to have started on Riverside Avenue over Willowbranch Creek. What should have been a four-month project has taken, for a variety of reasons, 13 months – and that’s only if the project is completed this year.

William Flick, Construction and Engineering Services Consultants, provided information that contractor David Touring has set a target date for the second week in December to pave Riverside Avenue. Temporary pavement striping must be applied before the road is opened to traffic. Touring is working to have Riverside Avenue open to traffic before Christmas.
As reported earlier, the Nov. 28, 2012 start date was delayed well into spring 2013 due to replacement of a water main valve. By the time the project could commence, Jacksonville’s rainy season was upon the area, and it became apparent to Touring that the cofferdams as specified by City engineers were not adequate to withstand the flow in the creek. The contractor lost time attempting to install cofferdams three times, before subcontracting to have special dams installed.

“Since it stopped raining every day, we completed all the work that was in the creek, including change orders, so we are able to make steady progress,” said Touring. “We are focused on completing the road work (curbs, road base and the paving), so that we can finally open the road to traffic.”

Touring stated that he is trying to schedule the road opening the week ending Dec. 13. “We can complete the pedestrian bridge, the sidewalks, and the clean-up after the road is opened.”
Flick noted further that, overall, the project has progressed to the point where all the work in the Willow Branch stream channel has been completed, except for the removal of accumulated sediment downstream. The new drainage structures are in place, as is all the underground storm sewer piping. The sub-structure for the new pedestrian bridge has been poured. While work remains to be done, the contractor is making progress now that the rainy season is behind us, stated Flick.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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