Schultz Center announces new initiative with One Spark

Education component to inspire educators, students

At a news conference held last month, the Schultz Center announced the launch of EdSpark, an umbrella under which Creators with education-related projects will participate in 2014 One Spark, The World’s Crowdfunding Festival, scheduled for Apr. 9-13, 2014. The Schultz Center is dedicated to raising student achievement through
professional development services for educators in Northeast Florida and beyond.

“We couldn’t be more excited to become a part of this creative festival,” said Deborah Gianoulis Heald, President and CEO of the Schultz Center. “One Spark is an ideal environment for teachers, parents and others interested in innovation in education to bring their ideas, projects, concepts and products to life. In addition, it opens One Spark to students under 18 and provides them with a platform to dream big and out of the box on anything in which they have an interest.”

Students must work with an adult mentor on their projects or be a part of a team that includes adults in order to participate in EdSpark curated creator projects.
Creator registration for One Spark, including EdSpark, runs through Jan. 31, 2014. To encourage EdSpark projects and answer questions from teachers, parents, students and others, the Schultz Center will hold an EdSpark Open House on Friday, Jan. 7, 2014, 5-7 p.m.

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