Resolve to spend (more) time with kids outdoors

Resolve to spend (more) time with kids outdoors

As 2013 comes to an end, now is the time that many look back and reflect on what a great year it has been. It is also a time when many make renewed commitments for the upcoming 2014 year.

For some, personal fitness may be an area that needs to be focused on. For others, maybe reading more books is a desire. Regardless of what resolution (if any) you may be thinking for the upcoming year, pledging participation and involvement with loved one’s activities should be easy to do.

GreatOutdoors_SoccerIn a day with social media and where kids can connect with each other with the push of a button, it has become all the more important to keep kids active and healthy (both physically and mentally) with our involvement through their sports and outdoor activities.

#1. Sign your kids up.

The first way to make sure you and your kids are experiencing these great events is to sign up. Watch for yard signs posted with dates and web addresses for more information. Also, talk to other parents and find out what your child’s friends are doing. Many kids happily sign up for something knowing their peers will be playing as well.

#2. Go watch them play.

Some games may be during the week usually after school and work hours. Most will be on a Saturday. Make a commitment to go and watch.

When the game is on a Saturday, this is a great way to begin the weekend. Kids also love to dress in their respective team’s uniforms and compete. And whether win or lose, there is a strong sense of pride, as much for the spectators as for the kids competing.

Kids will have good friends on the opposing teams almost always as well. And once the games are over, a mixture of different color jerseys together can been seen running around the neighborhood or playing in someone’s front yard for the remainder of the day.

#3. Take them to lunch.

We remember playing sports in our pre-teens many years ago. We recall how much fun the games were. But the reward for a great effort on the court or field was just as much fun. Many restaurants in the area offer discounts or free meals for kids wearing jerseys after a game. And this can be equally fun and entertaining for parents and grandparents as it is for the kids.

#4. Volunteer your time.

We are very fortunate to live in an area where parents are very involved in their kid’s activities.

The various leagues need volunteers and there are many ways you can volunteer to help out. They need volunteers to work concessions, coaches, assistance coaches, umpires, referees, clock managers, etc. And the kids will love to see their loved ones out there being a part of the action.

GreatOutdoors_BasketballWe all are very busy with our lives, and maybe connecting with our own friends becomes a bit of a challenge. But with the involvement in our kid’s activities, you are sure to see a lot of familiar faces out there reconnecting with many at these great events.

Whether the sport is soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis or dance (or other), you are sure to see many of your own friends out there as well.

Whether you are a cousin, aunt, uncle grandparent, or parent, make a renowned commitment to go watch your kids and loved ones play. Your day will be filled with just as much joy and happiness as theirs just for doing so.

We look forward to seeing you all out there.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


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