Schultz Center launches creative catalyst for students

EdSpark joins 2nd annual One Spark festival

EdSpark, an initiative of the Schultz Center, will curate a One Spark venue where creators with education-related projects can exhibit at the second annual World’s Crowdfunding Festival, to be held April 9-13 throughout downtown Jacksonville.

The Schultz Center’s EdSpark venue on the second floor of the Wells Fargo building will house all of the projects proposed by students under the age of 18, along with projects featuring innovations in education and learning proposed by educators, families and others interested in enhancing student achievement.

In addition, the Schultz Center at 4019 Boulevard Center Drive will serve as a staging area for all school field trips to the festival with plans to connect each group with a One Spark Volunteer Guide to tour the event, personalizing the experience. The Schultz Center is also recruiting student performers from throughout the region for its EdSpark venue during the five days of One Spark.

Individuals (educators, family members, others) or teams with ideas for innovative practices that will enhance student learning in the classroom, throughout a school or district are encouraged to participate in One Spark and choose innovation as their category. All student projects in the areas of Art, Innovation, Music, Science and Technology that meet One Spark criteria will be considered for the EdSpark venue.

Since its founding in 2002, the Schultz Center has embraced the notion of innovation through collaboration and expects EdSpark to be the catalyst for students who have ideas about everything and for parents, educators and others who will be essential to the next generation of Schultz Center work.
One Spark creators, including EdSpark creators, will benefit from exposure to the 150,000 people expected to attend the 2014 festival and will also compete for part of One Spark’s $300,000 crowdfund and bonus prizes.

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