Street striping to occur in phases

Street striping to occur in phases

Employee parking still in flux –

Neighborhood streets in Avondale will be striped in phases, according to Kay Ehas, chair of the recent Parking Study committee, with the first phase to occur sometime in April. Prior to that, homeowners on the affected streets will be invited to an informational meeting.

Phase 1 of the street striping to limit parking to proscribed spaces will be done on the following streets:

• Striping to prohibit any parking on Riverside Avenue in the block between Talbot and Edgewood Avenues.

• Striping for parking on one side of the street on Pine Street from Dancy Street north to Edgewood Avenue, and on Talbot for the block between St. John’s Avenue and Riverside.

• Striping for parking on both sides of the street on Riverside Avenue from Van Wert to Talbot Avenues; on St. John’s Avenue from Van Wert to Dancy Street; on Pine Street from Van Wert to Dancy Street; on Dancy Street in the block between St. John’s and Riverside Avenues; on Van Wert between St. John’s Avenue and Pine Street; on Talbot in the block between Pine Street and St. John’s Avenue.

As previously noted in The Resident in January, the City is determining the feasibility of adding parking for employees on Van Wert Avenue along Boone Park, although indications are that it is already being utilized in that manner. The City will determine if there is enough public right-of-way to accommodate parking as encroaching into Boone Park is not an option.

Another measure recommended by the Parking Study Steering Committee was the implementation of three-hour time limits on commercial on-street parking spaces once parking for businesses employees has been

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

Striping schedules

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