Avondale resident tries out for Jr. Jeopardy

Avondale resident tries out for Jr. Jeopardy

First Person Account by Reed Miller
(age 12, 6th Grade, James Weldon Johnson)

When I first got there, my dad and I rode on an elevator to the 14th floor. The Westin was super fancy, so it was cool to be there. I was on the elevator with five other people: My dad, two moms, one boy who was probably a year younger than me and one girl who was most likely my age. Everyone was thinking it, and finally the little boy’s mom broke the silence. “So are we all here for Jeopardy?” I nodded, and so did the other girl, whose name turned out to be Holly Ann.
When we got off the elevator, my dad and I walked over to a table to get our supplies. One sheet of paper numbered 1-50, one really cool Jeopardy pen, and two pieces of cardboard. We walked into another room and sat down with a different girl and her mom. The people explained what we would be doing then took the kids into another room to sit down. I sat by the same girl as the last room, who was also in sixth grade and named Olivia. There were probably about 20 kids there, 10 girls and 10 boys.

The lady at the front of the room explained what we would do. First we would practice answering questions in the correct format. Then we would take a 30 question test. (Then why was it numbered 1-50?) They projected the questions on the wall for eight seconds, which was the amount of time we got to answer. When the test was over, they collected all our supplies and told us what we would do next. We would be called up in groups of three, and then we would have to pretend like we were on TV and answer questions.

Olivia was in the first group, and she did really well. I finally got to go after about three more rounds. I was up against two other girls, and they were both pretty good. We didn’t get to know our points, but I probably got 1st or 2nd out of the three of us. Then the people asked us questions like “Where are you from?” “What school do you go to?” and things like that. Then we sat back down and more groups went. After that, it was time to go. They gave us a Frisbee that said “Jeopardy!” on it, and then we left. I said goodbye to Olivia and went back down on the elevator. Holly Ann told me I was really good, so I told her the same. After my dad and I got off the elevator, we walked back to our hotel. I never found out what the two pieces of cardboard were for.

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