Growler bill dies in House

Florida beverage laws remain unchanged, thanks to the House of Representatives. Although the Senate passed its highly restrictive bill (SB 1714) 30 votes to 10 (those against included Audrey Gibson and Aaron Bean), Dana Young, the House majority whip, suggested that the bill would not be heard on the House floor in its last session – and it was not.
Even though the beverage laws were not changed to allow for the sale of 64 ounce growlers, craft brewers are celebrating their victory to be able to continue to sell pre-packaged containers of their own products without being forced to go through a distributor.

The fight, however, is most likely not over. A group of craft beer supporters have organized to educate and advocate on behalf of Florida breweries. Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works, has suggested that the Florida Brewers Guild form a political action committee to allow non-brewery owners to support legislative efforts of the Guild.
Davis is putting his money where his mouth is. During a post-legislative session wrap-up at his brewery last month, Davis committed a one dollar donation for every pint sold that night, to benefit this political action committee

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