More parking for 5 Points patrons

Late last month the Planning Commission approved an application for a minor modification that will open up a tenant-only parking lot for evening patrons of 5 Points shops and
restaurants. The application filed by Doug Skiles, CEO of Envision Design+Engineering, on behalf of Mike Shad, owner of 5 Points Theatre Building LLC, requested the creation of a cross-access driveway between adjacent parking lots behind the building. The lot on Margaret Street is adjacent to the corner lot on Post and Park streets, owned by Riverside Presbyterian Church. The proposed driveway will allow the parking lot behind the 5 Points Theatre Building to provide access to the tenant-only corner lot to be available for public parking beginning at 6 p.m. when the access control arm will be raised. Vehicles will be able to enter the lot behind the theatre from Margaret Street and then use the cross-access driveway to gain entry to the lot on the corner which has exits onto Post and Park. Four parking spaces will be removed for this one-way access from the Margaret Street lot into the Post and Park streets lot, which contains 34 spaces.

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