Local teens perform in, work on musical FAME

Local teens perform in, work on musical FAME

Three students from San Marco – Asha Printup, Jacob Sims and Cheyenne Shrader – and three from San Jose – Keeley Doski, Katie Montana and Allyson Harvey – had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer. They participated in the 9th Annual High School Summer Musical Theatre Experience, a program where local students work with theatre professionals to put on FAME – The Musical, here in Jacksonville at the Wilson Center. The Resident had a few questions for the students about their experience.

RN: What does it mean to you to be able to train with professional directors and technicians?

Doski (will be a junior at Duval Charter High School): Working with professional directors and technicians is the best opportunity, I believe, a young high school actor can have. After all that the crew has taught and done for me this summer, I feel like I could’ve just been on Broadway. It means the world to me to be working with professionals, especially knowing that they chose me to be in their five-star show.

Montana (a Bishop Kenny sophomore this fall): Training with professional directors and technicians has been absolutely wonderful! Getting to learn from professionals is a rare
opportunity that I am so glad to have.

Printup (a junior this fall at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts): It’s an amazing experience! I learn new things each day. Working with them makes me feel like a stronger singer, actor, and dancer from all the things that I’ve learned.

Sims (a sophomore at DA): Training with these professional directors/technicians has showed a glimpse of what I might be like when I’m older. I have learned so much from them and have taken away new and fresh ideas that will help carry me through this profession.

Shrader (just graduated from DA): It’s an absolutely incredible experience to have. It is what made me realize that this isn’t just something I want to do for fun, but as a serious profession and for the rest of my life.

Harvey (will be a sophomore at Stanton College Prep School): Training with professional technicians, for me, means I get to learn and get questions answered about a career field I wish to pursue.

RN: Do you relate in any way to the musical FAME? If so, how?

Doski: I believe I do, in some ways. Ever since I was very little, I’ve always wanted to be an actor. Whether there is a live audience, camera crew, or otherwise. So in many ways I would be like Serena. Just wanting to feel the rush of everyone knowing I’m here, that I’m important too. And ultimately live forever.

Montana: Yes! I can relate to this musical very well. In the show, all the students are extremely passionate about the performing arts, as am I.

Printup: Definitely, I am a high school student that attends a
performing arts school. The musical reminds me a lot of my everyday life.

Sims: Since I go to an arts school, I would say that I pretty much live the musical Fame. All the overdone stereotypes in Fame are all true for every type of arts group.

Shrader: I just graduated from an arts-centered high school, so there are definitely a lot of things I can relate to within the play. Especially when the students in the play talk about the feeling of finally being done with high school and moving into their future.

Harvey: I’m a high school student and attend a school where the arts are a big part of the school and student body.

RN: Do you plan to pursue a theatre career or is it too early to decide?

Doski: I do, eventually, plan on pursuing a theatre career. But only after I have finished college.

Montana: Definitely. Acting has been a huge part of my life for years, and I would love to pursue a career in the field.

Printup: Absolutely, performing makes me life so much better and I would love to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Sims: It’s never too early to decide anything, I would love to make a career out of this craft; it’s my dream to be on Broadway or become a well-known director.

Shrader: Yes, I will be attending University of Central Florida in the fall for Stage Management and plan to be a stage manager as a full time career after I finish school.

Harvey: I plan pursue a career in theater or anything involving the preforming arts.

RN: What was your favorite song/scene from FAME and why?

Doski: My favorite song/dance from FAME is “Junior Festival” because I get to dance the Flamenco.

Montana: “Hard Work” is my favorite number in the musical because of the
excitement and fun of the song.

Printup: “Think of Meryl Streep” is my favorite song in the show because it really focuses on getting in touch with your

Sims: My favorite song in this show is without a doubt, “Bring On Tomorrow,” because it shows this deep connection between Carmen and Schlomo that is
created through music.

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