Cummer unveils new visual identity


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens revealed a brand new look on Sept. 30, unveiling a fresh, bold design to the community.

The Museum welcomed the community through its doors for the first time in 1961 and has grown in size, collection, and community impact

Over the past 53 years, since its opening in 1961, the Museum offers a Permanent Collection that spans from 2,100 B.C. through the 21st century, and community programs that serve over 130,000 people each year.

As part of its rebranding effort, the Museum selected Riverside-based Wingard Creative to help shape the new look and feel of the organization, with a fresh logo, new messaging, and all new print and digital materials.

David Wingard, Founder and Chief Creative Officer said, “The Cummer Museum is not your typical cold, quiet museum; it is a place where there’s something for everyone, including children. The museum has evolved, and it was time for its brand to evolve, as well. This logo reflects the Museum’s position as a Jacksonville icon.”

The decision to update the visual identity of the Museum was based on many factors, including interviews with civic and nonprofit leaders, Members, and visitors, as well as broad based surveys of the community and an intense study of the Museum’s communications plans. All of the rebranding work has been based on how the Cummer Museum is perceived and accepted by the community.

Museum Director Hope McMath stated, “Our motivation for putting a new graphic identity on the Cummer was based on feedback from our audiences and those who have not been a part of the Museum. The goal was to present a brand and message that reflects the energy of our programming, the diversity of our collections, the beauty of our Gardens, and the family-friendly nature of our organization. We now have a brand that carries our vitality beyond our campus.”

The focus of the Museum’s new direction is on the visitor experience. The Museum is not just a place you visit to look at art on the walls. It is a place where you come to engage with the community, collaborate, learn, grow, and experience joy. It is a place you can explore on your own, with friends or family, for professional events and meetings, or with children.

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