Southbank Riverwalk nears completion

Southbank Riverwalk nears completion

Progress in Downtown Jacksonville is perpetuated by the finishing touches to the Southbank Riverwalk renovation project.
The Riverwalk extends along the bank of the St. John’s River from the Museum of Science and History to the Duval County Public Schools building. The project began in September 2013 and is projected to complete in February of 2015.

“We’re excited that it’s moving along,” said Debbie Delgado, City of Jacksonville Public Communications Officer.

Along with colored brick pavers and steel guardrails, the Riverwalk will have LED light poles and in-ground lighting. Increased lighting is meant to lessen the chance of mischievous activity after dark.

District 4 Councilman Don Redman hopes for the Southbank Riverwalk to be as enjoyable as the Northbank is.

“The project will be a great enhancement to the Southbank community,” Redman said.

Redman witnessed firsthand the unsafe conditions of the old Riverwalk.

On Thanksgiving morning five years ago, Redman was taking a ride on his bicycle down the uneven surface. He noticed that the boards had become quite slippery from the morning dew. When he decided to turn around and exit the Riverwalk, his bicycle lost traction and he fell, breaking his femur.

After that accident, Redman knew the importance of the Riverwalk’s renovation.

“There were many loose boards,” Redman said. “When it got wet, it was slippery like glass.”

According to Redman, the project should be finished on or ahead of its scheduled finish date in February.

“The Riverwalk area on the Southbank was once a very vibrant place,” Redman said. “It will soon be vibrant once again.”

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