Sulzbacher Center recognizes Casey Goodwin

Sulzbacher Center recognizes Casey Goodwin
Volunteering at Sanctuary on Eighth Street.

Casey Goodwin, an alumna of Riverside Presbyterian Day School, was recognized by the Sulzbacher Center last month for her volunteer efforts and having a heart to serve. Casey has been a volunteer at the Sulzbacher Center since she was six years old.

In 2009, when the Goodwin family of Epping Forest heard that the City budget cuts might force the center to reduce services, Casey wrote a letter to principal of RPDS and arranged a book sale. “All my friends and everyone at the school brought in books and sold them for a dollar; we raised about a thousand dollars, maybe more.” The Used Book Sale which is now a yearly drive at the school to benefit local charities.

CaseyGoodwin_03The 10th grade student at The Episcopal School of Jacksonville said she was motivated by her parents Sal and Jane Goodwin.

“My mom and dad started donating to Sulzbacher monthly…they heard about Sulzbacher and thought it was a great place. I started thinking about ways to give back and start getting involved. I’m sure there are a lot of kids around Christmas who would love to have the kinds of presents I’ve been getting so I asked friends to bring wrapped Christmas gifts.”

The family, Sal, Jane, Casey and her brothers Nick and Ray, also help serve Thanksgiving lunch at Sulzbacher. “I think it’s one of the most important things ever…to give back to the community and the people around you. It’s extremely important…it’s what I’ve been taught by my parents. It’s an amazing feeling as well. If everyone gives a little bit you end up with something huge.”

Her first year as a middle school student at Episcopal, Casey started Help4Jax, a service club that performs community service and raises funds for four nonprofits: Sulzbacher Center, DESC, Nourishment Network, and Dignity U Wear.

She received the Prudential Spirit of Community Certificate of Excellence 2011, and Episcopal Middle School’s Katherine K. Zambetti Christian Service Award 2012-2013.

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