Traffic Signal Changes on Roosevelt at Park Street

Motorists on Roosevelt Boulevard (U.S. 17) at Park Street should prepare for a change in the traffic signal operation on Monday. The current signal allows continuous travel in the right two southbound lanes. The new signal will require all traffic to stop when the signal changes.

Previously, when vehicles entered Roosevelt Boulevard from Park Street to travel southbound, they were directed to the inside southbound lane while the two outside lanes had a continuous green for motorists headed south on Roosevelt Boulevard. Preventable crashes have occurred when traffic switches lanes to avoid stopping at a signal.

The change is based on crash data and studies that have shown that crashes increase at intersections with continuous travel lanes that do not have barrier walls separating the lanes.

The new signal will also provide a signalized crosswalk for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross Roosevelt Boulevard, a movement not allowed across continuous travel lanes.

In addition to the Park Street location, three other intersections will also cease to have a continuous free flow condition on Roosevelt Boulevard. These intersections will be changed during the current resurfacing project between Timuquana Road and Woodmere Street and include northbound lanes at Long Bow Road, northbound lanes at Ortega Forest Drive and southbound lanes at the entrance to the Roosevelt Square Mall.  The changes will be made before spring 2015 when the project is to be completed.

For more information regarding this project or other FDOT projects around the Northeast Florida area please contact Ron Tittle at 904-360-5457, [email protected] and visit Follow FDOT on Twitter @MyFDOT_NEFL or and for the latest updates.

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