‘Disaster’ takes students on musical adventure

‘Disaster’ takes students on musical adventure
Naomi Cochrane, Aubrey Finn

Riverside Presbyterian Day School has implemented many new programs involving integrative curricular studies emphasizing design and creativity. One such project was the 4th Grade Musical Adventure. To introduce the project, a group of teachers created a short video depicting the music room destroyed by a natural event and the teacher appealing for help in creating new instruments. The 4th grade teachers were a part of the video, assuring the audience that 4th graders could indeed create and build new instruments.

The adventure began in music class as the students learned the different classifications and characteristics of instruments. They then went to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) design room, forming teams and collaborating in groups to create instruments with recycled goods/found objects. In art class the students completed the design process by painting and decorating their creations.

Meanwhile in music class, the fourth grade students studied experimental methods of notating music and collaborated in groups to compose a song for their own instruments. They brought their symbolic representations to the art class where they painted an abstract expression of the score. Finally, they had the opportunity to create an iMovie in STEAM class dramatizing and reflecting on their adventure.

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