Blood supply extremely low; donors needed

The Blood Alliance, your only provider of blood to all area hospitals, is experiencing a very low blood supply across ALL blood types, especially O-Negative, O-Positive, A-Negative and B-Positive. There’s also extra incentive to give blood from today through Monday if you’re the Universal Donor! With their blood in highest demand, Universal Donors or O-Negative donors will receive triple HERO Reward Points. Points are redeemable for appreciation gifts in the HERO Reward Store at

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• All O-Negative donors will receive triple points
o 300 points for giving Whole Blood
o 600 points for giving Double Reds
• To give blood, you need to be at least 17 years of age and in generally good health.
• Be sure to have a good meal and to hydrate before coming in to donate.
• If you personally cannot give blood because you are deferred or you are in between donations, tell a friend to donate on your behalf. Be an ambassador for saving lives!
• Giving a pint of blood only takes one hour out of your day and your one pint can save up to three lives right here in our community.
• Blood cannot be manufactured or harvested. We depend on the community for its help to give the gift of life!
• Blood collected by The Blood Alliance is used by local patients treated right here in Northeast Florida hospitals.
• You can choose to become a HERO today! Visit: or call: 888-99-TBA-HERO to schedule your appointment.

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