Memory care facility slated for Dupont Avenue

Memory care facility slated for Dupont Avenue
A rendering of Arbor Terrace-San Jose, a new memory care facility being built at 3760 Dupont Avenue.


Land on Dupont Avenue in San Jose is being cleared for a new state-of-the-art memory-care facility, scheduled to open in less than two years.

Arbor Terrace San Jose, a 64-bed memory-care, assisted-living facility will be located at 3760 Dupont Avenue. The $12-million establishment is being developed by Whitehall Realty Partners of Park Street in Riverside. The firm is currently renovating new office space at 1721 Atlantic Blvd. in San Marco and plans to move its headquarters later this year.

The San Jose memory-care facility is the third Whitehall has built in Northeast Florida. Whitehall San Jose LLC bought the nearly 3.5-acre parcel from the Skinner family for $850,000 in July 2014.

Trucks and bulldozers were busy in July as the site for the new Arbor Terrace Memory Care facility on Dupont Avenue is readied for construction.

Trucks and bulldozers were busy in July as the site for the new Arbor Terrace Memory Care facility on Dupont Avenue is readied for construction.

Whitehall Realty Partner’s other facilities include Arbor Terrace Ortega, which opened on Timuquana Road in 2013, and Arbor Terrace Ponte Vedra, which opened on Palm Valley Road in June.

Dana B. Kenyon Co. is the contractor for the project. Construction is due to start in September 2015, with grand-opening tours beginning in late March 2016 and the building slated to open for business in April 2016. An information center will be available at the site in November 2015.

The Arbor Company of Atlanta, Georgia, will operate the facility.

Like its predecessors, Arbor Terrace San Jose will cater exclusively to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Engagement and specialized activities for its patrons will be provided. Nutritious food that can be eaten easily is a hallmark of the home’s Dining with Dignity menu. Forty caregivers will be employed by the facility, said Ortega resident G. John Carey, founding partner of Whitehall Realty Partners.

“Most assisted living facilities have memory-care sections, but we feel we can deliver better care if that is all we do,” he said.

Carey said he became interested in the memory-care business when he saw how difficult it was to find an appropriate facility when he needed to care for his mother-in-law, who suffered from dementia. Most assisted living homes utilize a locked wing to house their dementia patients, but Arbor Terrace facilities are different because the rooms are clustered in small groups like neighborhoods and the perimeter of the building is secure, allowing clients to enjoy an 8,000 to 10,000-square-foot courtyard in the building’s center, he said.

“All residents can access the courtyard so they have the feeling they’re not secured in a wing,” he said. “It’s designed to feel like you’re at home.”

Carey said extensive demographic marketing research determined his firm’s selection of the residential Dupont Avenue location, which is halfway between San Jose and San Marco and near St. Augustine Road and University Boulevard.

By Marcia Hodgson
Resident Community News

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