City addresses flooding on Pennsylvania Avenue

City addresses flooding on Pennsylvania Avenue


San Marco residents who live on Pennsylvania Avenue near Hendricks Avenue Elementary School will finally get relief from backyard flooding.

Construction has begun to install new drainage pipes along the rear of several house lots along Pennsylvania Avenue to alleviate the severe flooding, which has caused significant damage to garages and homes on the street.

The project will also correct the storm drain issue at Pennsylvania Avenue and San Jose Boulevard, which has resulted in the closure of that intersection in periods of very heavy rainfall.

PA_Ave_03Construction to fix the drainage began in early September and should take three months to complete, said Rick Voyd, an employee of Vallencourt Construction. “We’re shooting to have it finished at the beginning of December,” he said.

“The city wants it done as expeditiously as possible with a minimum disruption to the community,” said Jack D’Amato of C & ES Consultants, who is working as an inspector on the project for the Department of Public Works.

For years heavy rain often has created lake-like conditions and a breeding ground for mosquitoes behind the Pennsylvania Avenue homes.

In an email to District 5 Councilwoman Lori Boyer, Pennsylvania Avenue homeowner Lee McCook reported that an afternoon rainstorm in June completely covered his backyard with two to three inches of water. “Some parts of the yard are under eight to 10 inches of water,” McCook wrote. “My neighbor’s backyard is partially flooded. This is the second time this week the backyards have flooded.”

To solve the problem, the final plan will utilize the separate outfall along Pennsylvania Avenue to the Sunnyside Drive drainage system that directly connects to the river. Workers will take out the old drainage system behind the homes and replace it with a new drainage structure, said D’Amato. This will include a large pipe and three storm boxes. Also included with be new curbing and a gutter in front of the homes, he said.

By Marcia Hodgson
Resident Community News

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