Bill introduced to rename portion of Gary Street

Bill introduced to rename portion of Gary Street

New name to honor long-time San Marco business

A portion of Gary Street in San Marco is getting a new name.

The 911 Emergency Addressing Advisory Committee has determined a segment of Gary Street between Hendricks Avenue and Kings Street should be renamed to differentiate between unconnected segments of the street due to the Overland Bridge Project.

The new road will be named Naugle Way after the Naugle family, owners of Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

In honor of their nearly 100-year contribution to the San Marco community, At-Large Councilmember Sam Newby introduced Bill 2016-180 on Mar. 8 as an ordinance, which would rename the one-block segment of Gary Street to Naugle Way.

City Council will be asked to waive a code requirement that calls for 90 percent of property owners on the street to agree to the renaming. Since there are only two property owners, Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services, and LMS Holdings, LLC, which is in bankruptcy proceedings, it is expected the ordinance will be passed in April.

Family roots deep in Jacksonville

Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services is Jacksonville’s oldest funeral home that is family owned and operated. Established in 1919 as Thomas M. Burns Funeral Home, it became Burns-Naugle Funeral Home in 1930, then renamed Robert M. Naugle Mortuary in 1955. It has served four generations of residents in Jacksonville and is now operated by the fourth generation of the Naugle family.

Stella Naugle became a licensed funeral director in 1907 after graduating from the Worsham College of Embalming in Chicago at age 27. She assisted her husband, Vernon, in the operation of the business until his death in 1947. Stella passed away in 1964, at age 84, and was one of Florida’s oldest licensed funeral directors at the time of her death.

Stella’s grandson, Paul Naugle, who grew up in the business, is senior funeral director at the Hendricks Avenue location. “Back in my time, it was something we were expected to do,” he said. “Children were supposed to take over the family business. That’s all we knew.”

Great-grandson Cameron Naugle is president of the company, but didn’t initially begin his business career at Naugle Funeral Home.

“I got a degree in business management and went into banking and finance,” said Cameron. “One day I realized I didn’t like it and wanted to be back in the family business.”

Naugle Funeral Home recently expanded its services by adding a second location, at 808 Margaret Street, to serve Riverside, Avondale and Ortega.

Naugle_04Cameron Naugle is working in partnership with his wife, Katherine Schnauss Naugle, an elder-law attorney who operates an office next to the new location. Katherine, who is third generation in Ortega Forest, helps with marketing of the funeral home and its services.

Keeping it in the family, Katherine’s father, Roy Harris Schnauss, M.D., assists with management of the Riverside funeral home. Her brother, Roy Schnauss, is the operations manager.

“I actually started out in medical research, then got into the real estate industry,” said Roy Schnauss, who, with his sister, grew up in Ortega Forest. After attending a celebration service for a dear friend, Schnauss felt it was a good fit for him to manage the celebratory services for those who have passed away.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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