Black Sheep gets thumbs up from DDRB

Black Sheep gets thumbs up from DDRB
Artist’s rendering of Hemming Park with the Black Sheep container restaurant (Courtesy of Design Cooperative)

A proposal for a unique restaurant in the heart of Hemming Park was approved by the Downtown Development Review Board on Feb 25.

The 320-square-foot “container” restaurant/bar will be constructed from two repurposed shipping containers at an estimated cost of $241,000, according to Allan DeVault, partner at Black Sheep Restaurant.

“The kiosk concept came up about a year ago, then Wayne Wood and Vince Cavin approached us a few months later about putting it in Hemming Park,” said DeVault, partner in Black Sheep. “We see it as a natural extension of our brand, and it will be great for the community. It may not be a big moneymaker, but we justify it as a benefit to the community.”

Elevations (Courtesy of Design Cooperative)

Elevations (Courtesy of Design Cooperative)

Although a kiosk is a potentially re-locatable structure, this will be permanent, according to DeVault, who said the buildout costs are ridiculously high.

“It was fun to see them being cut into pieces,” said DeVault, referring to the process of putting the two 20x8x8.5-foot metal containers together.

The restaurant is estimated to be completed in early summer, constructed by Sweetwater Restoration, Inc. under design by Design Cooperative, LLC. There will be two bar service and two food service windows for walk-up orders. There is no inside seating planned, as customers can eat in the nearby Charlie’s Café, an open air dining area.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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