Lakeside marina getting closer to adding tenants

Lakeside marina getting closer to adding tenants
Off with the old roof, on with a new at The Bridge at Sadler Point Marina.

Three weeks after workers began lifting off three layers of old roofing, prep work began in mid-July for the installation of a new layer of lightweight concrete prior to finishing the roof for The Bridge, a multi-use commercial center at Sadler Point Marina.

Owner Brooks Busey estimated it would take about six to eight weeks, depending on weather, to get the roof ready for a possible tenant in his new multi-use center on Lakeside Drive under the U.S. 17/Roosevelt Boulevard bridge. Earlier this year, Busey gutted and cleaned up the interior, and replaced the façade with eight glass roll-top doors.

The 52-year-old structure includes 7,023 square feet of rental units, and 4,371 square feet for restaurants. Additionally, 2,491 square feet of amenities will include gallery, lounge and cafe space, plus a 532-square-foot covered outdoor patio.

Busey is courting two restaurant tenants, one of which is working on financing and the other is waiting for Busey to work out a solution for additional parking under the overpass.

“Jack Shad is working on that for us with the city,” said Busey. Shad, former public parking officer for the City of Jacksonville and owner of a commercial real estate consulting business, is working with Busey to find tenants who are the right fit for the space. A portion of the roof would be available for an open-air bar.

The 17,489-square-foot building could accommodate 10 additional tenants and Busey said he has a few letters of intent. He’s looking for retail shops and workshops, and exploring the idea of an open-air farmers’ market.

By Kate A. Hallock
Resident Community News

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