Crated ducks, geese find new home in Duck Pond

Crated ducks, geese find new home in Duck Pond
Robin Ashourian feeds ducks at the Colonial Manor Duck Pond

A new flock of waterfowl inhabit the Colonial Manor’s Duck Pond, thanks to the benevolence of Robin Ashourian of Waterman Road and her son, Justin.

While shopping at the Beaver Street Farmer’s Market, the Ashourians, both avowed animal lovers, spotted six white ducks and two geese crammed into tiny crates baking in the hot sun. The crates were so small the ducks and geese could not move. “I couldn’t stand it. I was speechless. It almost made me cry. They looked like they were really suffering. They were huffing and puffing, and there was no water or food around,” said Ashourian.

At Justin’s suggestion, the life-saving duo paid nearly $200 for the birds, piling the crates into the backseat and open trunk of a brand-new BMW belonging to Justin’s wife, and made a beeline to the Duck Pond.

“It was the best money I ever spent. I didn’t get the peaches or watermelon that I wanted but we did something good and liberated them,” Ashourian said. “They are so happy at the duck pond and I’m thrilled.”

After learning about the new flock, Ashourian’s neighbor, Suzanne Honeycutt, put out an email to the Colonial Manor neighborhood suggesting folks might want to stop by, greet the newcomers and feed them lettuce and good bread. Since her notification, a steady stream of well-wishers have flocked to the waterside bearing gifts.

“The ducks haven’t learned how to hop out of the water yet, which is probably a good thing, said Honeycutt, adding that they spend most of their time on a slightly submerged island in the center of the pond. “It keeps them safe, and they won’t get hit trying to cross the road. There is constantly somebody out there, and from what I can see, they are hand-fed all day long.”

By Marcia Hodgson
Resident Community News

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