Bishop Kenny students support International Bowls project

Bishop Kenny students support International Bowls project
Sophomore Hannah Prudencio with World History teacher Chris Keyser of Ortega, sophomore Emily Skyles and junior Hannah McConnell

Bishop Kenny students, faculty and staff joined forces with the school’s art club to create empty ceramic bowls in support of the International Empty Bowls project in the art room on Sept. 20.

The bowls serve as reminders of all the people in the world who do not have enough to eat and will be used to raise money for Bishop Kenny’s annual Thanksgiving Food drive. Empty Bowls is a grass roots idea that many artists have personalized worldwide to fight hunger on a community level, said Sheila Marovich of St. Nicholas, a spokesperson for the school.

The bowls will be donated and become part of a Coffee House event, Wednesday, Nov. 16, where students and faculty will perform for the student body. Ticket holders who attend the Coffee House will be given a handmade bowl to take home. In addition, a silent auction of donated bowls created by the school’s advanced ceramics students will be held during the Coffee House performance.

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