Murray Hill school celebrates 100 years of education

Murray Hill school celebrates 100 years of education
Guests at the Ruth N. Upson Elementary School 100th Anniversary tour a display of class photos through the years.

Ruth N. Upson Elementary School Principal Yvonne Spinner welcomed current and former students, faculty and staff to a celebration of “100 years of glorious service to the community of Murray Hill” during the event’s opening ceremony on Nov. 10.

The 19th oldest continuously operating school in the State of Florida, Upson Elementary, originally the Murray Hill School, opened in 1916 under the leadership of its namesake, Ruth N. Upson, who served as principal for 32 years.

The Safety Patrol kicked off the evening with a flag-raising ceremony and the singing of the National Anthem by the Upson Chorus.

The ceremony was followed by an open house featuring a self-guided tour of historical presentations that included an exhibit of class photos dating back to 1954 and videos of teacher talent show performances over the years.

Among the celebration’s attendees were alumni Judy Goodman, once the school’s library clerk, and her siblings Diana Peck, Jesse Prestridge, Carol Klauer and Patti Britt, whose time as students at Upson spanned three decades from the 1950s through the 1970s.

When asked what they thought about their school turning 100, the reaction from current students was unanimous: “It’s really old!”

Former Upson faculty members Karen O’Brien, a paraprofessional at Upson for 39 years; Jean Huckabee taught First Grade for 26 years; and Kathi Hart was a Kindergarten teacher at Upson for 14 years.

By Krysten L. Bennett
Resident Community News

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