Bishopgate Lane right-of-way to remain open to river

After publishing in November that Atlanta-based TriBridge Residential, LLC had applied to have 10 feet on either side of Bishopgate Lane deeded to the development, The Resident was notified the deed application was withdrawn.

An earlier design indicating multifamily apartment buildings on both sides of Bishopgate Lane with a connecting arch over the right-of-way would have required a combined 20 feet of street for the development, leaving a 20-foot view corridor to the St. Johns River.

However, the application filed Oct. 31 with the City of Jacksonville indicated a change in design that would not utilize Bishopgate Lane in that manner. The right-of-way, instead, will be finished off with five-foot-wide sidewalks and landscaping from the property line to the river.

The planned unit development (PUD) submitted to the city’s Planning and Development Department describes up to 140 multifamily residential units to be constructed in two mid-rise structures up to 90 feet tall, not including any decorative rooftop structures. Under Robin Shepherd Studios’ PUD approved in 2006, the structure would have been a high-rise building up to 199 feet tall.

The site plan indicates 14 studios, 83 one-bedroom and 43 two-bedroom units, with 250 parking spaces provided in the parking deck. The site plan also indicates the top deck of the garage will contain a pool and fitness center.

As of press time, there was no schedule posted for public hearings by the Planning Commission, Land Use and Zoning Committee or City Council.

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