Ortega exhibits show student ingenuity, creativity

Ortega exhibits show student ingenuity, creativity
Twins Kody and Konnor Bailey with science projects about sound energy and pitch

Parents of Ortega Elementary Magnet School students enjoyed a holiday concert Dec. 8 of songs and pieces by the Ortega Steel Band before touring science projects and museum exhibits displayed through-out the school.

Bethany Geiger points to a Venn diagram as part of a display on legends.

A few of the displays featured an emphasis on Greece, including an exhibit on Greek Inventions – Then and Now, and another on Honoring the Greek Gods, while others emphasized the sciences.

First-grader Bethany Geiger explained the concept of a Venn diagram by showing the intersections between “royal” fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Rhodopis, a Greek courtesan who marries the king of Egypt, and Billy Beg, the son of an Irish king.

Fifth-grade student Brendan Roes of Ortega developed a study exploring memory issues within age groups, while fourth-grade twins Kody and Konnor Bailey, of Ortega, looked at sound energy and pitch by creating instruments, such as Kody’s “triodrum” and Konnor’s box banjo he named a Konjo.

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