‘Renaissance’ student designs Extravaganza program

‘Renaissance’ student designs Extravaganza program
Extravaganza Program, designed by Anna Covart

Although Anna Covart comes from a family of artists and is studying visual arts at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, her heart also lies in the field of science – astrophysics to be exact.

Covart, an Avondale resident, designed the program cover for Douglas Anderson’s premier show, Extravaganza, which was held Feb. 11 at the Times-Union Center’s Moran Theater.

“The cover was something I just threw together. I didn’t expect it to be picked. When it was selected, I was pleasantly surprised,” Covart said.

“I loved the painting of the ballerina,” she said. “I wanted the cover to have a painterly-brushy feel, even though I was designing and editing in Photoshop. Plus, I wanted to utilize what I have learned about radial composition.”

Covart, a senior, is truly a “Renaissance woman,” said Scott Reneau, a teacher at DA. She plans to major in physics and has already been accepted at the University of Maryland, the University of North Florida, Florida State University and is waiting to hear from the University of Florida.

Formerly a student at Fishweir Elementary and LaVilla School for the arts, Covart said she fell in love with physics after being introduced to it as a junior at DA. “The class was so interesting and fun. I love that physics is everywhere and in everything. It is so challenging, and I’m determined to continue with it,” she said.

“I adore Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist and cosmologist,” Covart continued, adding she loves the sciences and has asked for books on physics for Christmas. “I’m fascinated with space. I’d love to work for NASA and send people to Mars.”

At Douglas Anderson, Covart also serves as the founder and president of the National History Honor Society. “I wanted to help kids who might be struggling in history, which is another love of mine,” she said. “So, I decided to start a community that could help with tutoring and inspire kids to appreciate history.”

Covart’s siblings are also involved with art and painting. Her brother, Zach, also an Avondale resident, owns Covart Family Painting, a Jacksonville paint and refinishing business. Her sister, Stevie Covart Garvey, and brother-in-law, Aaron Garvey, of Murray Hill, founded an artist residency program, Long Road Projects, in Jacksonville. Covart’s younger sister, Rachel, is a sophomore studying theatre at Douglas Anderson.

“We were fortunate to grow up in Avondale, an arts-based neighborhood, and have the arts all around us,” Covart said.

By Marcia Hodgson
Resident Community News

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