Bald eagle fledglings take flight in Ortega

Bald eagle fledglings take flight in Ortega
An adult bald eagle rests on a pine tree branch in Yerkes Park.

Ortega residents have been on high alert, waiting for two new bald eagles to develop wings large enough to venture from their Yerkes Park nest.

For the past couple of weeks, neighbors have been observed sitting in the park or standing in their yards or in the middle of McGirts Boulevard keeping their eyes on the nest of fledglings.

Those who kept their eyes to the skies were not disappointed when the young eagles started flapping their wings and hopping from tree to tree on March 12.

Claire and Rob Charnley and Chris and Ana Johnson and their children live next to the park and have been keeping a close watch on the activities. The parents agreed that it’s been a good way to keep the children occupied with something real and not just television or computer games.

The Johnson and Charnley children have named the eagles. Daddy Eagle is Eddie, his wife is Elle and the babies are Eggbert and Eggbeth. Eddie, Elle and one of the eaglets were spotted in a yard on Hiawatha Street later when the protective parents took one of their brood for a test flight.

Nearby neighbor Jane Fabritius also snapped some shots of the eagles in Yerkes Park:

By Peggy Harrell Jennings

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