Millers Creek Board approves 2017-18 budget

The Millers Creek Special Tax District Board came three steps closer to seeing its dredging project become a reality during its meeting March 21 at Havana Jax Café in St. Nicholas.

During the meeting, the board approved its budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year, just in time for the City of Jacksonville’s April 1 deadline.

The Board also granted its approval to purchase liability insurance from agent Robert Roldan, and finalized and approved the details of its Request for Qualifications (RFQ) so that it can obtain bids for professional engineering work on its dredging project.

After tweaking a few items on a budget submitted by Board Member Jonathan Wright, who was unable to attend the meeting, the Board approved the $81,792 budget for the following year. Including $44,168, which was carried over from the previous fiscal year, the board projected it would have $126,160 in revenue, eventually upping its reserves next year to $44,368.

Some of the larger ticket line items included in the budget were $50,000 in engineering and consultant fees, $6,000 in legal fees, $4,000 in accounting and auditing fees, $3,500 for liability insurance, $3,000 in promotional and legal advertising, and $12,650 in reimbursement to Millers Creek homeowners for forwarding money to cover the board’s first-year expenses.

During its February meeting, the Board had decided to have Chairman Dr. Rene Pulido send a letter requesting that residents who had advanced money to the board last year wait to be reimbursed until February 2018 because it feared its budget might be in jeopardy. During the meeting, Board Treasurer Christopher Rose said only eight residents had responded, so far, to the request with all agreeing to be reimbursed at the later date.

To protect each board member’s individual liability, the Board also approved payment of $2,437 to Roldan for insurance coverage during the next year.

With the board’s approval, Secretary Sharon Johnson said she planned to advertise the RFQ in the Financial News and Daily Record on March 24, setting a deadline for engineering vendors to submit their qualifications to do the Millers Creek dredging project by Friday, April 21. The Board plans to rank the different firms individually and make its selection during its next meeting, Monday, May 15.

By Marcia Hodgson
Resident Community News

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